The principal goal of the personal and professional development training we offer is to raise awareness of the relationship between self-improvement and the improvement of the world around us. Our intention is to inspire this awareness and guide you and your community towards actualizing it.

Getting Unstuck from the Lotus Position

We begin with the invitation to gently release the false duality between “what I do in the world” and “what I do in meditation.” The artificial separation of our interior and exterior lives can make us feel stuck. The Joyfully Just trainings are designed to help us get unstuck.

How? The methods

Combining joy and insight, we embody what we teach: that learning is a multi-dimensional, multi-affective, embodied process that works towards integration and wholeness; that we are all learners and teachers. A beginner’s mind is a blessing we invoke by using modalities such as play, meditation, music, movement, nature-based practices and dance. Through various exercises and meditations we help cultivate an experience of justice received and denied, held and withheld, for ourselves, for our ancestors and all beings. We invite a recognition of the interdependence between inner and outer justice and joy!

For Whom? Everyone

All entities including schools, health and human service organizations and corporations need to navigate the challenges of ending oppression and achieving environmental justice. We want to help you structure your endeavors to enable “brave, safe spaces” to advance a felt and acted upon experience of justice.

Inclusivity Consultants

If you want to learn more about joyfully working towards justice – we can help. We will support you in moving beyond “tokenism” toward handling tough, complex, nuanced issues such as able-ism, transphobia and heterosexism. We do this with a light touch inviting everyone to see this as an “inside job”- a job that requires some self-exploration – before acting in the world.

Social Activists

Our trainings can help social activists to stay hopeful, heartful and confident!

Activism requires us to be courageous.  We invoke creativity from our participants engaging everyone to be kind towards themselves and one another.